Prof. Myriam TAVERNA / Paris Sud University, Paris, France

Professor in analytical chemistry and biotechnology,  she then created a young research team (JE) and joined the Institut Galien Paris-Sud (UMR-8612, Dir Pr Fattal) in 2010 with her entire team. She is currently the head of a multidisciplinary research team of 16 researchers dedicated to the development of miniaturized analytical techniques for the analysis of peptides, proteins and biomarkers based on Nanotechnologies, Analysis Microsystems, Capillary Electrophoresis and Sensors. In 2012, she obtained the prize for the enhancement of the DIM C’nano and then underwent training in Entrepreneurship at HEC Challenge +. She is co-founding in 2014 the Alzohis start-up dedicated to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which currently operates a patent of which she is co-inventor. The main themes of his research are currently: The development of microsystems for the analysis of peptides and proteins dedicated to the diagnosis of neurodegenerative pathologies. Characterization of micro and nano-vectors for the vectorization of drugs. The study of conformations of therapeutic proteins and protein complexes or aggregates.The development of analytical techniques for the in vitro screening of the activity of “drug candidate” molecules, in particular with regard to two pathologies: diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.