Ana Maria GARCIA CAMPAÑA / Director of Department Analytical Chemistry, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Dr Ana María GARCIA-CAMPAÑA obtained his PhD in 1995 and became Full Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Granada in 2010. Currently she is head of this Department and vice-president of the Spanish Society of Chromatography and Related Techniques (SECyTA). Since 2000, she is the main responsible of the research group “FQM302: Quality in Food, Environmental and Clinical Analytical Chemistry,” and her research fields are related with LC and CE coupled with UV-Vis, fluorescence and MS, using innovative sample treatments in accordance with green chemistry principles, mainly focused on food safety and quality control, drug monitoring in biological fluids and determination of contaminants and residues (pesticides, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins) in foods, herbal products, nutraceuticals and environmental samples. She is author of more than 180 journal articles and 20 chapter books. In 2017, she was highlighted among the 25th most outstanding researchers from the University of Granada. She has participated in several research projects as main researcher and has supervised several international Doctoral Theses.